Memory Books

Each year I compile a memory book for my students that includes their original work and items to remember special projects or events from our school year. They are different every year, depending on what we focus on or participate in.



This is one project that will really benefit from planning ahead since you would like to include material from the entire school year.

1. Before school starts, make a list of things you'd like to include. You might want to include assessment items, or arrange your book by months, or letters of the alphabet or whatever would work the best for you! You will begin collecting pieces on the first day of school! Don't forget to take a first day of school photo!

2. Create a file folder for each child in your class.

3. As you complete pages for their book file them into the file folder in the order that you would like them to appear in the book. You can always rearrange, but having them in order will save alot of time at the end of the school year.

4. If a student is absent on the day a page is completed I decide how important that page is to their book. Then I decide if I want them to complete it. If you try to get all of the missed pages made up you could drive yourself crazy, so pick and choose.

5. About a month before school is out I begin to get the books ready for binding. I use a comb binder so the pages must be punched and then bound. Sometimes I bind what I have and then add the last few pages as we do them in May.

6. I use a 10 cent two pocket folder for the cover. I cut the folder in half on the fold and then punch the front and back cover. I trimmed the three-holed punched side off of a page protector and slide the cover page on that and then stapled that to the cover of the folder. The pockets of the folder come in handy for extra photos, a copy of the report card and miscellaneous items that I include.

7. We take the books home on the last day of school. The Kinderkids LOVE paging through them and I stress that this is a real book and they need to treat it that way - don't write in it and handle it gently.


I've done memory books for my students for the past 3 years. What I've done
in the past is to take art projects, writing samples, pictures, etc., and put
them together. I am using 9 X 12 construction paper this year, but have used
12 X 18. At the end of the year, I will bind them and send them home.

In Sept., I take a picture of them in front of our calendar and have them draw a picture of them in Sept. and I also use our Humpty Dumpty art project.

October- I used pictures of them at Halloween and our trip to the pumpkin patch. Then we do large pumpkin cut outs as our art project with the 5 little pumpkins poem.

November- I had them draw a Native American that goes to a poem for following

directions and pictures of them in their Pilgrim & Indian costumes at their Thanksgiving feast.

December- I had them draw Santa and write "This is Santa," along with pictures of them at their holiday party with reindeer hats.

January- I may have them do a tear a penguin or do a snowman (from TLC art) and write about winter or add a poem.

February - Something to do with the presidents, 100th day, Valentine's Day etc.

March - I did a kite project or leprechauns. Since we talk about wind, I had pictures of them flying a straw kite.

April - A watercolored Easter egg and pictures of them at an Easter egg hunt.

May - We make painted "kinder"flowers with their picture in the middle of them along with a "kinder"flower poem.

Late May or June- I take another picture of them in front of the calendar and have them draw a self-portrait again.

The last page of my kdg. memory book is an autograph page, where the kids

write their names. Also, I take a picture of them and their best friend in

the class and glue on the best friends page and they write a little blurb about

their best friend. And finally, I take a picture of them reading their

favorite book and palce it on the my favorite story page.

I make memory books for my kiddos every year. It takes a lot of work on the

computer, but it is worth it. I have also learned to save all of my pages I

design on the computer, so the next year I just have to switch out

names/answers. Anyway, some things I include: face self portraits (I make it

like a yearbook design, but it is totally their own drawings), an autograph

page, a page of memories (chosen by me), a list of school personalities, and

several student answer pages. Some of my student answer pages include "My

favorite thing about kindergarten was...", "Remember when...." and "What I

learned in kindergarten is...". I take a couple minutes to ask my children

for the answers then I publish them in the book next to their names. It is

always funny to see what they remember...usually whatever we have done the

last month or so! This year I am including a page about whether they think

my baby (due in June) is a boy or girl and what I should name him/her. Those

answers were fun to listen to!

Hope that helps some! I try to individualize it every year...I also include

a class picture on the first page. (I take one whole roll of class pictures

because I found reprints weren't as clear). Oh, and I include my last

"parent" letter (which I do weekly) and say something I will miss about each

child. Hope that gives you some ideas!

I make a page on the computer each month that says .... This is me in (month)
At the bottom of the page it says .... This is how I write my name.
I do that for each month of the school year so parents can see the improvement in drawing and handwriting for each month

I also have a camera die-cut and use for a page that says ... It's Been A Picture Perfect Year ( include misc. photos of child)


I do special pages each month...


1st day of school pic with poem
How to Change a Diaper .... dictated word for word by student


caramel apple pics
perfect attendance and other awards for 1st six weeks
homecoming pics
apple art


fireman pics
silly spider sandwich pics
how to carve a pumpkin .... how to story dictated word for word by student
hand print spiders
When I grow up I want to be ....


Indian retreat field trip
How to Cook a Turkey ... how to story dictated word for word by student
Feast pics
hand print turkeys
I am thankful for
Why I am thankful for __student name______________ .......


How to Wrap a Gift
Santa pics
Santa letters
hand print Santas
any special art
Christmas party
Christmas is ....


Texas Blizzard pics
How to make a snowman
My New Year's Resolution


Love is .....
Valentine party pics
I love _________ because ___________


Texas art
Texas book
Texas pics (students have bandannas, hat, chaps, etc. on and are on a stick horse or a bale of hay) TX program pics


egg drop results
Elmo's Elegant Event pics
Easter pics
My favorite thing about kindergarten is ....
Kindergarten interview .. (my favorite song is .., my favorite story is ... , I am bigger than ....., I am smaller than ....., I get really angry when .... , I am very happy when ..... , my favorite movie is .... , I get really scared when ... etc..)
Look Who has Bloomed in Our Kindergarten pic with face in flower ... petals have weight and height in August and then in May do they grow in a year!
spring program pics


Interview student about mother ..... what is your favorite thing your mother cooks for you....what is your least favorite thing she cooks, how old is your mother, what is her name, how much does she weigh, what is your favorite outfit your mother wears, etc....these are hilarious and precious
grad pics
teacher picpic with poem
what I want my first grade teacher to know about me
my fav part of kinder was

wow .... i am getting tired......and my brain is freezing up ... I know I have left tons of stuff out...this is off the top of my head

We use binders that have clear cover sheets in front so each one is personalized, i include everyday photos such as cafeteria shots, computer shots, library, recess, etc...plants we have planted, butterfly pics, and on and on .... field trips, writing samples, stories, journal pages .....graph results (would you kiss a frog, favorite colors, fav. pet, etc..)

1. I take a picture of them at the beginning of the year by the door handle and again in May to show how much they have grown. They grow in heigth and also in maturity.

2. Monthly pictures of some kind

3. a page that shows how they write their name, color, cut, and draw themselves

4. Favorites page with clipart--video, song, food, toy, color, favorite thing to do, TV show

5. an autograph page

6. a class picture with a poem

7. a picture with our principal, my aide, and me--we each write a message to the class on this page

8. field trip pages

9. this year we did the postcard exchange and made the newspaper on this so I included a copy of that and each child got a postcard on a page to keep (Thanks, Jan!)

I include these pages in my memory
best friend in kindergarten, ( I take a picture of the child and their best
friend doing something and glue it in the book) my favorite story (this years
class loved No, David!), On the first day of kdg., I have the kids draw a
self-portrait which I put in the book along with a picture of themselves now and
they can see the growth.

 Title Page - Kindergarten 2000-2001

All I Learned Poem - the poem

My First Day of Kindergarten - photo on the 1st day

Here I am in September - watercolor of themselves

Lifecycle of an Apple Tree - paper added to each season

Apple Pie Recipe - recipe dictated by the kids

I caught the Olympic Spirit - kids holding pie plate dumbbells

Favorite part of Goldilocks - drawing from the field trip

Nursery Rhyme Party - photo of student in costume

For Halloween I was - drawing of costume

Every Vote Counts - photo with Mr. Bear and Mr. Scarecrow

I'm Thankful for Handprint turkey with note

Our Bears Came to Visit - Teddy Bear Party drawing

Martin Luther King Taught Us About Peace - I can help by....

All About Fabric - Sample from FOSS unit (weaving, sewing, tiedying, etc.)

All About Me - Page created by parents

Gung Hay Fat Choy - Paper cutting of a snake

I Love to Read - Photo of student and special friend reading to the class

I Met Nancy Carlson - Photo with Nancy Carlson

Valentine's Day Party - photo opening cards

100 Day Party - photo sorting 100 objects

If I Had $100.00 - drawing of what they'd buy

My Fish - Paper cutting of fish based on Fish Eyes

If I Was the President - How they would help the world

The Earth - watercolor of the Earth for Earth Day

A Tree Can Be - Draw and describe a function of a tree

Trip to the Nature Center - Drawing of favorite part of field trip

I Have a Special Talent - Express Yourself activity

I Like Bugs - keyboarding sample

Farm - fingerprint animals in a farm scene

Chick Sequencing - egg, cracked egg, hatched chick paper cutting

They Hatched - Photo of student holding chick

Science is Fun - Solargraphic paper activity

Look Who Came to Visit - photos of visitors to class, pets, etc.

Member of the Lost Tooth Club - photo of students with missing teeth

I had Fun at the Dance - photo of student dancing with parents

B is for Bunny - Portrait of pour class bunny

D is for Dad - drawing of Dad

E is for Elf - coloring of elf

K is for Kite - paper cutting of a kite

M is for Mom - drawing of Mom

Q is for Queen - watercolor of a queen

Here I am in June - watercolor of student

We Graduated - student dressed in my gown with homemade hat

A, B, C Farewell - the poem

Ready for 1st Grade - group photo on the playground

Name Sample - writing sample from Sept - June

Uppercase Letters - writing sample A - Z

Lowercase Letters - writing sample a - z

Numbers 1 -20 - writing sample 1-20

Some pages I have done include:

My favorite school lunch
My favorite gym activity
My favorite song in music (These shared a page)

The hardest spelling word I learned this year
One thing I learned in math

The hardest part of first grade because

The easiest part of first grade because

A friend I had in first grade
At recess our favorite thing to do was
Sometimes this friend played too

The best field trip was
One thing I learned was
One thing I liked was

Many of these were grouped together to share a page. One year I had

stars that they filled in and the pages were called

"Star Moments in First Grade"

Let's stand up and give a cheer!
Kindergarten's finally here.
One, two, three, hip, hip, hooray!
Here's my picture the first day!

>From the first day to the last,
Kindergarten went too fast,
Summertime will be a ball,
But nothing beats first grade next fall.

Here's another version:
On the first day of school, I have my students do a self-portrait. At the
top of the page I have the following poem:
Here's a picture of me
for you to see
that I'm going to Kindergarten
As happy as can be!

At the end of the year I have them draw another self-portrait. The poem at

the top is as follows:

Here's another picture of me

Still as happy as can be

Kindergarten was lots of fun

but now I'm ready for Grade One!

I make a memory book for my students. The first day of school page is done on the first day and kept for the end of the year. The books are pockets that are bound
together. I will be adding pictures to my web site this week. Easier to view than describe.

Last year, I made the cover from a Carson-Delosa pad - pictures. This year I used a train engine picture with the theme "Moving On". Their names and school year are
made with labels on the computer. I laminate the first and last pages of the book. The large construction paper was folded about 7" from the bottom, leaving about
1-2 inches at the top open. The outer sides are stapled. Then three holes are punched in the sides - pages are tied with yarn using these holes at the end of the
year. Papers and treasures for their memory book are kept inside the pockets of each thematic page.

I use labels printed on the computer. The first day page is "My first Day in ___". i take a picture of each child and glue this to the pocket. The papers from their
first day (writing names, letters, project, are kept in the pocket and stored until the end of the year.

I have used something similar in my class for years now but the children do

all the work. I use large white envelopes to hold their work in monthly. On

the front of the envelope they write the month and draw a picture, then as

the month goes by I simply slip in a few pieces of representative work. At

the end of the year I have10 envelopes per child which I punch holes in and

tie strings through to bind them. It is interesting to watch their drawings

progress as the year goes by and see the parents faces. They love them! It

isn't really too much work and I just store them in a brown box under my desk

for the most part!